Jermick Wawoe (Curaçao, 1985),graduated in Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

As an artist, Jermick Wawoe is inspired by a wide range of sources such as books, films and arts but also at the moment between my reality and dreams.

As he is keen on having his own signature style of ‘unique complex pattern’ ink drawings, his works is a combination of expression and portraying things.
Jermick Wawoe named his artistic signature style of visual arts; KWALISME.
Each patters has their own identity of his feelings and emotions, they bend and come together to form a work of art.The details of his artworks are so small that you have to get up close and personal to discover the beauty of it.

His main focus for the last years has been on developing and exploring new forms. He has been experimenting on surfaces of a variety of objects, textiles and stones, but also in a variety of media including installation, painting, photography without losing his artistic identity

Each artworks has a story. A story of great depression, heartbreak and lost. After transformed the stories into a beauty towards an art, its makes him feel a sense of peace in himself. These unique complex patterns are created from the necessity to give voice to his journey in soul searching from chaos into order, from hell into heaven, from darkness into the light.




Jermick Wawoe, 1985/ Willemstad, Curaçao
Lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2010 – 2015 Willem de Kooning Academie Rotterdam, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibition:
2015 – THE SAN SALVADOR, the Graduation Exhibition, Zaandam, The Netherlands
2008 – The Black & White, Zaandam, The Netherlands

Group Exhibitions:
2015 – Urban birds & Wawoe. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2015 – Neu Now Festival. Amsterdam, The Netherlands (selected by international juries)
2014 – Totem & Taboo. Tilburg , The Netherlands (selected by professors of the WDKA)
2009 – ART Port Noord. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2012 – İznik and Delft Blue for Istanbul. Istanbul, Turkey (

2016 – Online Gallery: Kwalisme, the signature of Jermick Wawoe by Imke Pouw
2015 – Magazine: 4 art, Inspiration, Cover vol 6
2015 – Magazine: Artzaandstad 2015, Zaandam The San Salvador (Press)
2014 – Newspaper: Stadsnieuws, Tilburg Totem & Taboo (press)
2014 – Lost painters: Totem & Taboo (review),

Works held in private collections in The Netherlands, Curaçao, United Kingdom, Japan.

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